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Haiku 2012 Poems

Beta Sigma Phi Sorority Haikus 2/17/2012

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Bracelets shiny gold

Jingle Jangle Jingle bells

Love my Pandora

So sweet so evil

Deep dark Valentine chocolate

Oh, the pounds the next day

Strawberries sweet, red

Growing in the garden

Birds love the berries too

Beauty, beauty my pet

Pet is my cat

Jim loves pet, I bet

Lilly cat is mine

She plays all day long with me

Maurice is jealous

Spring summer and fall

Is Gods' gift for his people

To serve each other

Friendship forever

Sisterhood always

I'm Beta Sigma Phi

Love is so fickle

I wish I had a nickel

For every lost true love

Beta Sigma Phi

Group of ladies beautiful

Thank you sweet sisters

Same as family

Helpmates, kindred spirits all

Sisters forever

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