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Finding Happiness

By: Freda Utley

Finding Happiness

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Finding Happiness

By: Freda Utley

I searched for happiness as I daily grew
In hope for lasting joy to attain,
But bitter hardships knocked on my door
My heart ached with deep tormenting pain.

Life with tender moments would appear
My Life seemed satisfied and full,
Suddenly the clouds of storms arrived
Causing floods so harsh and cruel.

Is there not peace to be found
My heart beat with sudden fear.
When upon the horizon of Life
My answer was about to appear.

What is this my eyes can see
Three small children, all in need
Of a Motherís love and tender care
Fulfillment found in planted seed.

*If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else,
You will have succeeded.
In finding lasting happiness and joy
From others; hurt that had proceeded.

A Motherís Love was torn away
Little ones who need my care
Good placed them close to my heartís door
Replacing fear with love to share.

This poem is written about a true story that has happened to me. I was recovering from
breast cancer when I had a wonderful friend that lost her life due to cancer at a young age
and the husband was left with three small children to raise by himself. My husband and I
have been blessed to get to help him in small ways with the children and they have filled
our life with an abundance of love and brought happiness to us in our retirement years.
Nothing cheers the heart like a big hug, kiss, or even a smile from a child who knows you

*Maya Angelou (1928); poet

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